ArtHouse is a Very, Very, Very Fine House


20 Graphic Design RMCAD Students, AIGA Student members and three faculty members descended upon ArtHouse today and listened to owner and founder, Marty Gregg, candidly talk and discuss his firms’ latest work.

Formerly located in downtown Denver and relocated to the Stapleton neighborhood, ArtHouse is a showcase of true talent resulting in unique, innovative solutions for every client and project.

To begin, students and faculty were treated to the highlights of an outdoor botanical garden/park and recreation venue in Abu Dhabi. Some of design solutions included an impressive grand entrance featuring painted glass, specially designed vertical signage solutions made of metal and folded over at the top casting purposeful shadows as well as utilizing three dimensional printing in bronze of native wild and fish life edging the river running through the park.

“It was really inspiring to see people so passionate about the work they were doing.” – Dustin Brandvold, Junior Graphic Design Major

Secondly, students and faculty listened with curiosity as one ArtHouse designer outlined the challenges of packaging design for the burgeoning Colorado marijuana industry. Topics like tamper-proofing and safety concerns, constantly changing Government regulation and legal information dissemination, and tasteful visual and written pun solutions were discussed.


Lastly, a 3-year and going comprehensive children’s hospital branding, way-showing and way-finding project was presented to the crowd. From wall-coverings, to elevator signage, to a life-size Light-Bright wall, to cut-out cubby nooks and interactive light experiences in a children’s playroom, ArtHouse met every conceivable design challenge with humor, wit and compassion. The result is a state-of-the art humanitarian expression of art and healing for Golisano Children’s Hospital expected to open in May 2015.

Overall, the studio visit was a Spring term highlight. Students were impressed with the sophistication, thoughtfulness and clear innovation infusing ArtHouse’s design work. Further, seeing RMCAD Graphic Design alumni, Beth Rosa, leading the charge, creating masterful and innovative design solutions that impact the environment and community heightened the realities of design opportunities here in Denver.

“It was exciting to see the potential jobs like this available to us after graduation” – Ashley Ahlene, Senior Graphic Design Major


To learn more, please visit ArtHouse online: